Exotic Boat Charter Seychelles

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Seychelles Boat excursions

Island Hopping

Discover and explore a variety of popular islands around the Seychelles while enjoying some breathtaking scenery and snorkeling at famous beaches.

Fishing excursions in seychelles


Join us for a true fishing and island experience to catch different fish around the islands.

Seychelles island transfer


Need a drop off or pick up on other islands? Contact us and we shall advise on our availability.

An Adventure Awaits

Exotic Boat Charter Seychelles

Explore and discover the untamed beauty of the Seychelles islands with Exotic Boat Charter. An idyllic getaway for friends and family unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

An unforgettable boat charter experience

We aim to help you discover the Seychelles islands and provide you with a unique and memorable adventure at sea.

Deals and offers

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