About the Seychelles Islands


The Seychelles Islands.

If you are reading this, you have either already booked your holiday or are planning to. Seychelles is on the bucket-list of world-travellers, social media influencers, families and couples for a reason – its jaw-dropping beaches, delicious cuisine and Creole hospitality have all put these islands on the map.  

The islands are becoming popular for more than the world’s most beautiful beaches. Seychelles is home to the largest nut in the world the Coco-De-Mer, one of the oldest living giant tortoises Esmeralda, countless protected marine and land reserves, island roads that make for lovely car rides, local delicacies such as breadfruit and fresh fish that cannot be missed, amongst many other treasures awaiting to be discovered.

What is the weather like in Seychelles? It is summer all year round, meaning temperatures fluctuate between 28-32 degrees Celsius. There are two main monsoon seasons, running from April – November, and December – May.

Whether you are counting down the days to your holiday, or are in the process of booking it, you have made a great choice!

We look forward to welcoming you to our islands and booking our charter!